This book, people. I’d say this book is for the República Dominicana what One Hundred Years of Solitude is for Colombia. Junot Díaz tells of the tale of the Leóns, a Dominican family sapped by a generation-spanning curse. We meet Oscar, an incorrigible nerd who’s emotionally paralyzed by limerence; his sister Lola, a reticent, loveless wanderer who takes over the household in place of their unstable mother; and madre herself, Beli, who incurs the ire of the Trujillo (El Jefe) regime and, well – let’s just say that I found Beli’s chapters to be the sort of literature that puts grey in your hair and wrinkles on your heart. You’re gonna feel a year older before you’re through with her deal. Be aware that at least cursory knowledge of Spanish is required (Spanish words and phrases make up about a fifth of the book, or more). Also, “culocrat” is now my favorite made-up word. Gonna use that shit forever.

Here, have a look.

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